Version 1
Version 1

Using DataViewsJS Libraries

To use certain features, you can load DataViewsJS sub-libraries without loading all the libraries. Otherwise, you can load gc.dataviews.all.min.js which includes the core library with all plugins and also speeds up the loading of site.

Library Features
gc.dataviews.all.min.js Includes core with all plugins
gc.dataviews.angular.min.js Angular 7+ interop
gc.dataviews.react.min.js React interop
gc.dataviews.vue.min.js Vue 2+ interop
gc.dataviews.common.min.js Includes shared code used by DataViews libraries
gc.dataviews.core.min.js Includes control definition and features such as, editing, resizing, sorting, grouping, and so on
gc.dataviews.grid.min.js Defines GridLayout and HorizontalLayout layout strategies
gc.dataviews.cardlayout.min.js Defines CardLayout strategy
gc.dataviews.masonry.min.js Defines MasonryLayout strategy
gc.dataviews.timeline.min.js Defines TimelineGrouping strategy
gc.dataviews.calendar.min.js Defines CalendarGrouping strategy
gc.dataviews.trellis.min.js Defines TrellisGrouping for grouping
gc.dataviews.gantt.min.js Adds the Gantt feature
gc.dataviews.searchbox.min.js Adds SearchBox feature