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    Working with C1NumericBox
    In This Topic

    NumericBox for UWP includes the C1NumericBox control, a simple control which provides numeric input and editing. When you add the C1NumericBox control to a XAML window, it exists as a completely functional numeric editor. By default, the control's interface looks similar to the following image:

    It consists of the following elements:

    The +(Up) and -(Down) buttons allow users to change the value displayed in the control. Each time a button is pressed the C1NumericBox.Value changes by the amount indicated by the C1NumericBox.Increment property (by default 1). By default the + and - buttons are visible; to hide the buttons set the C1NumericBox.ShowButtons property to False.

    The current C1NumericBox.Value is displayed in the number display/editing area. Users can type in the box to change the C1NumericBox.Value property. By default users can edit this number; to lock the control from editing set C1NumericBox.IsReadOnly to True.

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