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    In This Topic

    Using the Watermark property you can provide contextual clues of what value users should enter in a C1MaskedTextBox control. The watermark is displayed in the control while not text has been entered. To add a watermark, add the text Watermark="Watermark Text" to the <Xaml:C1MaskedTextBox> tag in the XAML markup for any C1MaskedTextBox control.

    So, for example, enter Watermark="Enter Text" to the <Xaml:C1MaskedTextBox> tag so that appears similar to the following:

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    <Xaml:C1MaskedTextBox Height="23" Width="120" Name="C1MaskedTextBox1" Watermark="Enter Text" />

    If you click within the control and enter text, you will notice that the watermark disappears.

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