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    Numeric Box
    In This Topic

    Display and edit numeric values in your WPF Application! NumericBox for WPF provides a numeric text box control, C1NumericBox, which is similar to the standard Windows Forms NumericUpDown control and provides functionality for numeric input and editing right out of the box.

    The C1NumericBox control contains a single numeric value that can be incremented or decremented by clicking the up or down buttons of the control. The user can also enter in a value, unless the IsReadOnly property is set to True.

    Make the most of NumericBox for WPF by taking advantage of the following key features:

    The Format property enables you to use the familiar .NET format strings to display data in any way you wish.

    Easily change the maximum and minimum values allowed for the editor.

    The C1NumericBox control includes up/down buttons to increment or decrement the value.


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