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    In This Topic

    Implement single item selection that's simple to setup and powerful to use with DropDown for WPF. It provides a simple drop-down box control that offers more flexibility than a traditional drop-down box. The flexibility allows you to add controls to the C1DropDown or create a search box.

    Make the most of DropDown for WPF by taking advantage of the following key features:

    DropDown for WPF includes three drop-down controls to give you flexibility in your applications. C1DropDown is similar to a traditional drop-down control allowing you to choose from a selection of items, C1DropDownButton works like a drop-down control but looks like a button, C1SplitButton has two parts: the header and the arrow which you can customize so that clicking in the arrow will open the drop-down list, and pressing in the header button will typically apply the current selection.

    The C1DropDown control gives you complete control to create specialized drop-down editors. Attach your own logic to the spin buttons and your own drop-down form/editor to the drop-down button. For example, you could place a DataGrid in the drop-down portion and code its row selection event to display a value from that row in the C1DropDown header portion.

    Configure the drop-down to display above or below the header portion with the DropDownDirection property. Or set the direction preference the control will use if there is allowable space on the form. 

    Full control over when and whether the drop-down closes with the AutoClose property.

    You can explicitly set the width and height of the drop-down box or have it sized automatically to fit the content.

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