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    Key Features
    In This Topic

    Spread Windows Forms introduces some powerful features which are described in the following table.

    Area Overview Reference
    Designer Visually design components and create prototype Spread Designer Guide
    Spreadsheet Objects Status Bar Adding a Status Bar
    Create multiple viewports (pane) Customizing Viewports
    Sheet Use multiple sheets Working with Multiple Sheets
    Change sheet name tab Customizing the Sheet Name Tabs
    Add a title and subtitle Adding a Title and Subtitle to a Sheet
    Customize the top left cell Customizing the Sheet Corner Appearance
    Set a style using skin Customizing the Overall Component Appearance
    Add a footer to the bottom of sheet Displaying a Footer for Columns or Groups
    Add a table Tables
    Row and Column Change background color of odd row only Creating Alternating Rows
    Display multiple columns and rows in header Creating a Header with Multiple Rows or Columns
    Specify a non-scrollable area Setting Fixed (Frozen) Rows or Columns
    Display grouped data Managing Grouping of Rows of User Data
    Filtering the data Managing Filtering of Rows of User Data
    Display supplement information in a row Setting up Preview Rows
    Sort data in ascending or descending order Managing Sorting of Rows of User Data
    Create a row range or column range that can be expanded and collapsed Managing Outlines (Range Groups) of Rows and Columns
    Cell Change display character of column header cell
    Use a cell type that matches the format or data type Cell Types
    Search for a specific cell Customizing User Searching of Data
    Merge multiple cells Creating a Span of Cells
    Display string in cell's tooltip Adding a Note to a Cell
    Determine cell format according to the result of conditional operation Using Conditional Formatting of Cells
    Shape Add a shape to a sheet Customizing Drawing
    Capture content in any cell range Creating Camera Shapes
    Support for adding and customizing shapes and group shapes Working With Shapes (Enhanced Shape Engine)
    Chart Add a chart to a sheet Chart Control
    Sparklines Display a small graph in a cell Sparklines
    Add Sparklines Using Methods Add Sparklines Using Methods
    Add Sparklines Using Formulas Add Sparklines using Formulas
    Edit Allow edit mode remains on for any cell Understanding Edit Mode in a Cell
    Validate user input Using Validation
    Set initial value to a cell Placing and Retrieving Data
    Perfrom automatic calculation based on input value Formulas in Cells
    Display formula text box (formula bar) Working with the Formula Text Box
    Display name box Setting up the Name Box
    Perform input by drag and drop Filling Cells with Drag and Drop
    Define external variable Creating and Using External Variable
    Excel Load an Excel file Opening an Excel File
    Save to Excel file Saving to an Excel File
    Print Print using printing option Printing
    Print in PDF format Printing to PDF
    Data Binding Bind a data source Binding to Data
    Display relational data hierarchically Working with Hierarchical Data Display
    User Operation Allow multiple row selection Specifying What the User Can Select
    Set clipboard data by copy and paste operation Customizing Clipboard Operation Options
    Get cursor position Locating the Pointer Using HitTest
    Customize the behavior of undo and redo Customizing Undo and Redo Actions
    Customize keyboard operation Keyboard Interaction
    Sort a row by clicking column header Allowing the User to Automatically Sort Rows
    Use on a tablet Touch Support with the Component
    Render Make it look like a visual style Using XP Themes with the Component
    Text rendering using GDI Text Rendering with GDI
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