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    Cell Types
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    Cell types define the type of information that appears in a cell, how that information is displayed, and how the user can interact with it. There are two different groups of cell types that can be set for cells in a sheet: ones that are simply related to formatting of text in a cell and ones that display a control or graphic. Spread includes built-in cell types and allows you define custom cell types. Cell types can be assigned to individual cells or entire rows or columns.

    These tasks of working with cell types are organized into these broad categories:

    Note that some graphical elements in certain cell types are affected by XP themes (visual styles). Setting the VisualStyles property of the Spread component to "off" can allow visual customizations of those graphical cell types to work as expected. For more information, refer to Using XP Themes with the Component.

    For detailed information on classes behind the various built-in cell types, refer to the FarPoint.Win.Spread.CellType namespace.

    For information on setting cell types using the Spread Designer, refer to the Spread Designer Guide.

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