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    Add Sparklines using Formulas
    In This Topic

    You can add different types of sparklines using their respective formulas in Spread for Winforms. The following table showcases the different sparklines available:

    Types of Sparklines

    Column Sparklines

    Column Sparkline

    Line Sparklines

    Line Sparkline

    Winloss Sparklines

    Winloss Sparkline

    Area Sparklines

    Area Sparkline

    Box Plot Sparklines

    Box Plot Sparkline

    Bullet Sparklines

    Bullet Sparkline

    Cascade Sparklines

    Cascade Sparkline

    Gauge KPI Sparkline

    Gauge KPI Sparkline

    Hbar Sparklines

    Hbar Sparkline

    Vbar Sparklines

    Vbar Sparkline

    Histogram Sparkline

    Histogram Sparkline

    Image Sparkline

    Image Sparkline

    Month Sparklines

    Month Sparkline

    Year Sparklines

    Year Sparkline

    Pareto Sparklines

    Pareto Sparkline

    Pie Sparklines

    Pie Sparkline

    Scatter Sparklines

    Scatter Sparkline

    Spread Sparklines 

    Spread Sparkline

    Stacked Sparklines

    Stacked Sparkline

    Vari Sparklines

    Vari Sparkline

    Note: The GrapeCity.Spreadsheet.DataVisualization.dll file is required to use the above sparkline functions. Users must add the DLL file in the project manually.