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In This Topic
    Clip Property (C1FlexGridBase)
    In This Topic
    Gets the contents of the selected ranges. Sets the contents to the current selected range.
    Public Property Clip As String
    public string Clip {get; set;}

    The string assigned to (or returned by) the Clip property may contain multiple cells. By default, tab characters (\t) indicate column breaks, and carriage return characters (\n) indicate row breaks.

    The default row and column delimiters may be changed using the ClipSeparators property.

    When a string is assigned to the Clip property, only the selected cells are affected. If there are more cells in the selected region than are described in the clip string, the remaining cells are ignored. If there are more cells described in the clip string than in the selected region, the extra portion of the clip string is ignored. Empty entries in the Clip string will clear existing cell contents.

    To get or set a clip string for an arbitrary range, use a CellRange object.

    The value returned is affected by the setting of the ClipboardCopyMode property.

    The code below puts text into a selected area two rows high and two columns wide.
    // build clip string
    string s = "r1 c1\tr1 c2\nr2 c1\tr2 c2";
    // select a 2 x 2 range and apply clip string to selection
    flex.Select(2, 2, 4, 4);
    flex.Clip = s;
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