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    FlexGrid for WinForms
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    FlexGrid for WinForms is one of the fastest datagrids available in the market that renders and displays large data sets quicker than any other .NET datagrid. It is a powerful grid packed with basic as well as advanced features like in-cell editing, sorting, filtering, merging, grouping, and much more. Moreover, it displays the hierarchical data efficiently using tree grids with multiple columns, aggregates, subtotals, and row details. Not just this, the control offers robust API and extensive design-time support so that you can give your end-users a familiar Excel-like experience. 

    The FlexGrid control binds with any of the .NET data sources such as ADO.NET data source objects and custom business objects. It also lets you work in the unbound mode giving you the power to manually add each row or column and set the cell values.

    One of the main strengths of FlexGrid is the ability to customize almost every aspect of appearance of the entire grid and individual cells. In addition to standard format strings and cell styling, FlexGrid goes above and beyond most .NET datagrid components by providing complete control over the cell drawing using its OwnerDrawCell event.

    Product Samples

    Product samples are located at \Documents\ComponentOne Samples\WinForms\vx.x.x\C1FlexGrid\CS on your system, if you have installed the samples while installing WinForms Edition using ComponentOneControlPanel.exe.
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    Demo Samples

    One minute FlexGrid Feature Tour

    WinForms and WPF Grid Demo

    Note: ComponentOne FlexGrid for WinForms is compatible with both .NET and .NET framework.

    API Reference

    C1.Win.FlexGrid .NET Framework Assembly

    C1.Win.FlexGrid .NET Assembly

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