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    Managing complex projects can be quite tedious and requires a lot of effort, but GanttView makes it a lot easier for you by managing the schedule of your project. The GanttView control provides the users with a Microsoft Project-like user experience for effective project schedule management. It generates a schedule for the provided list of tasks, durations, and constraints and presents it in the form of a graphical diagram, that is, GanttChart. The chart then plots the tasks to be performed on the vertical axis, and the time intervals on the horizontal axis. In addition to an interactive chart, GanttView also packs many advanced features such as task-tracking, customized working time, and advanced filtering. Other than this, it provides an additional support for managing resources, constraints, dependencies, styles, and much more. 

    Release Notes Product Samples
    See the version-wise updates for all controls here. Product samples are located at Documents\ComponentOne Samples\WPF\vx.x\CS\GanttView or Documents\ComponentOne Samples\WPF\vx.x.x\C1.WPF.GanttView\CS on your system, if you have installed the samples while installing WPF Edition using ComponentOneControlPanel.exe.
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    Create Your First Application using GanttView
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    Runtime Interactions in WPF Gantt Chart
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    ComponentOne product videos Download WPF Product Demo
    Note: ComponentOne GanttView for WPF is compatible with .NET and .NET Framework.
    API References
    C1.WPF.GanttView .NET Assembly C1.WPF.GanttView .NET Framework Assembly