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    Data Blending
    In This Topic

    Designed as powerful data analysis tools to deliver high-end business intelligence capabilities, the FlexPivot controls can be used for various data blending operations, which are listed below. Once connected to data (Invoices view of C1NWind.mdb file), you can implement all these data blending features in the FlexPivot controls as illustrated in the following subtopics.

    Learn to filter specific values in a list using value, range and Top N filters.
    Learn to group data by string, numeric, and date fields and fiscal year.
    Learn to sort data in flexPivot.
    Learn to drill-down through data in the database in FlexPivot.
    Learn to calculate subtotals, weighted average and sums.
    Show As
    Learn to compare different measures, or show changes in the measured values over a period time.