wijmo.xlsx Interface IWorkbookTableBandedStyle Wijmo API Interface

IWorkbookTableBandedStyle Interface

Represents the Table Stripe Style definition.


Implemented by


Optional basedOn

Defines the base style that this style inherits.

This property is applicable for export operations only. The style gets all the properties defined in the base style, and can override or augment them by setting its own properties.

Optional borders

Table borders setting.

Optional fill

Cells background.

Optional font

Gets or sets the font properties.

Optional format

format: string

Cell value format, defined using Excel format syntax.

The description of Excel format syntax can be found here.

You may use the toXlsxNumberFormat and toXlsxDateFormat static functions of the Workbook class to convert from .Net (Globalize) format to Excel format.

Optional hAlign

hAlign: HAlign

Gets or sets the horizontal alignment of a text.

Optional indent

indent: number

Text indent. It is an integer value, where an increment of 1 represents 3 spaces.

Optional size

size: number

Number of rows or columns in a single band of striping.

Optional vAlign

vAlign: VAlign

Gets or sets the vertical alignment of a text.

Optional wordWrap

wordWrap: boolean

Word wrap setting.