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IWorkbookCell Interface

IWorkbookCell Interface

Represents the Workbook Object Model cell definition.


  • IWorkbookCell

Implemented by


Optional colSpan

colSpan: number

Cell colSpan setting

Optional formula

formula: string

Cell formula

Optional isDate

isDate: boolean

Indicates whether the cell value is date or not.

Optional isNumber

isNumber: boolean

Indicates whether the cell value is number or not.

link: string

The hyperlink of the cell.

Optional note

Represents the note of the cell.

Optional rowSpan

rowSpan: number

Cell rowSpan setting

Optional style

Cell style

Optional textRuns

textRuns: IWorkbookTextRun[]

The text runs represent the rich text of cell.

Optional value

value: any

Gets or sets the cell value.

The type of the value can be String, Number, Boolean or Date.