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GroupDescription Class

GroupDescription Class

Represents a base class for types defining grouping conditions.

The concrete class which is commonly used for this purpose is PropertyGroupDescription.




  • groupNameFromItem(item: any, level: number): any
  • Returns the group name for the given item.


    • item: any

      The item to get group name for.

    • level: number

      The zero-based group level index.

    Returns any

    The name of the group the item belongs to.


  • namesMatch(groupName: any, itemName: any): boolean
  • Returns a value that indicates whether the group name and the item name match (which implies that the item belongs to the group).


    • groupName: any

      The name of the group.

    • itemName: any

      The name of the item.

    Returns boolean

    True if the names match; otherwise, false.