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IWorkbookRow Interface

IWorkbookRow Interface

Represents the Workbook Object Model row definition.


  • IWorkbookRow

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Optional cells

cells: IWorkbookCell[]

Gets or sets an array of cells in the row.

Each IWorkbookCell object in the array describes a cell at the corresponding position in the row, i.e. cell with index 0 pertains to column with index A, cell with index 1 defines cell pertaining to column with index B, and so on. If a certain cell has no definition (empty) in xlsx file, then corresponding array element is undefined for both export and import operations.

Optional collapsed

collapsed: boolean

TBD: Indicating if the row is in the collapsed outline state.

Optional groupLevel

groupLevel: number

Gets or sets the group level of the row.

Optional height

height: number

Gets or sets the row height in device-independent (1/96th inch) pixels.

If height is not specified, then the default height is applied.

Optional style

Gets or sets the row style.

The property defines the style for all cells in the row, and can be overridden by the specific cell styles.

Optional visible

visible: boolean

Gets or sets the row visibility.