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IWorkbookColumn Interface

Represents the Workbook Object Model column definition.


  • IWorkbookColumn

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Optional autoWidth

autoWidth: boolean

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the column width is automatically adjusted to fit the content of its cells.

Optional style

Gets or sets the column style.

The property defines the style for all cells in the column, and can be overridden by the specific cell styles.

Optional visible

visible: boolean

Gets or sets the column visibility.

Optional width

width: any

Gets or sets the width of the column in device-independent (1/96th inch) pixels or characters.

The numeric value defines the width in pixels. On import, the widths are always expressed in pixels.

The string value which is a number with the 'ch' suffix, for example '10ch', defines the width in characters. It has the same meaning as the column width defined through Excel UI. The width can be specified in characters for the export operations only.

If width is not specified, then the default width is applied.