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Document Solutions Data Viewer Overview

Document Solutions Data Viewer (DsDataViewer, previously GcDataViewer), is a unified JavaScript based client-side viewer that targets to load and preview all popular document formats related to data. Currently, the viewer supports XLSX, CSV, and SpreadJS (SSJSON and .sjs) formats. Apart from just loading the data file, the data viewer also lets you choose to configure your data view through several data options (for specific data formats) and enhance data readability and analysis. You can configure these data options through user interface as well as through API. Being a JavaScript-based viewer, it can be conveniently embedded in all major web frameworks and works in all modern browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.


Blogs and Videos

Quick Start: Configure DsDataViewer

Blog: Introducing Document Solutions Data Viewer

User Interface

Video: Getting started with DsDataViewer

API Reference

Demo Samples

Client-side API Reference

Sample Browser

Key Features

  • Viewer for client-side needs

    Why write code, or look for a third-party tool, when you can view your data files right within your application. DsDataViewer can be integrated with applications on any of the major frameworks, so that you do not have to look out to view your data files.

  • Easy to code, easy to use

    With extensive API options, and familiar user interface, DsDataViewer is easy to implement as well as convenient for end-users as it fulfills your data viewing needs.

  • One solution for all data formats

    With the ability to cater to various formats, DsDataViewer lets you load most of the popular data files such as XLSX, CSV, and SpreadJS (SSJSON and .sjs).

  • View your data, your way

    With open options available for all supported data formats, DsDataViewer lets you choose how to view your data.

  • Display as you do in Excel

    With extensive support to view Excel features, DsDataViewer lets you view data like you would do in Excel. The control provides support for viewing many Excel features such as notes, group outlines, freeze rows and columns, tables, status bar, conditional formatting and much more.

  • Appearance that suits your application

    With support for pre-defined themes, DsDataViewer lets you choose the appearance that matches your application.

  • Target global customers

    With language support, DsDataViewer adapts its display according to the browser language. Currently supported languages are - English, Chinese, and Korean.

  • Adapt to devices

    With responsive UI, DsDataViewer lets you open and view data files on varied devices with different sizes and screen orientation.

  • Advantage for DsExcel users

    With easy integration, you can leverage graphical interface of DsDataViewer for viewing data files generated by DsExcel API.