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Resize Rows and Columns

Apart from simply viewing the data in data viewer, DsDataViewer also lets user perform some simple operations on rows and columns to enhance viewing experience of the user.

Resize Rows and Columns

At runtime, user can resize the rows and columns in DsDataViewer by dragging the grid decorator that displays when row or column header edges are hovered using mouse. To apply same column width or row height to multiple rows or columns, user can select multiple rows or columns and resize one of the rows or columns by dragging the grid decorator. Similarly, user can select the whole grid and drag grid decorator to resize all rows and columns at once.


Autofit Rows and Columns

User can automatically fit size of the rows and columns according to size of the longest data string by double clicking the grid decorator on row or column header. Similar to resizing, user can autofit all the rows or columns by selecting the whole grid and double clicking on any of the row or column header edges. User can carry out the same operation for multiple rows or columns also.


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