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    Toolbar and Panel Icons
    In This Topic

    DsPdfViewer features can be accessed by either using the toolbar options in the toolbar displayed at the top or the feature specific panels available in the side bar.

    The key features of toolbar and side panel for Document Solutions PDF Viewer are listed below.

    Features Toolbar Icons Description
    Open PDF file

    Open PDF file icon

    Enables you to open a PDF file in the Viewer.
    Easy page navigation with Pan tool

    Pan tool icon

    Allows you to view the page by dragging it up or down.
    Zoom in and zoom out PDF document

    Zoom in/out icon

    Enables you to zoom in and zoom out the PDF pages, and set the zoom percentage.
    Switch to Full screen

    Full screen icon

    Enables you to toggle to full-screen mode and access the mini-toolbar from the bottom of the Viewer window.
    Print PDF document

    Print icon

    Allows you to print PDF files in the Viewer.
    Single page and Continuous view mode

    View mode icon

    Enables you to view one page at a time, with no portion of other pages visible for Single page mode, and view all pages in a continuous vertical column for Continuous mode.
    Rotate PDF document

    Rotate icon

    Allows you to rotate pages in a PDF file.
    Built-in Viewer themes

    Themes icon

    Enables you to choose from different themes in the Viewer.
    Download PDF document

    Download icon

    Enables you to download the PDF file you want to view in the Viewer.
    Navigate to first and last pages

    Navigation icon for first page

    Navigation icon for last page

    Enables you to navigate instantly to the first and last pages with page navigation icons in the Toolbar.
    View the current page number

    View icon for current page number

    Allows you to display and set the number of the current page being previewed in the Viewer.
    Navigate between preceding/succeeding pages

    Navigation icon for preceeding pages

    Navigation icon for succeeding pages

    Enables you to navigate through all the pages with page navigation icons in the Toolbar.
    Select text

    Select text icon

    Allows you to select text or rows of text in the PDF Viewer.
    Hide Annotations

    Hide annotations icon

    Allows you to hide annotations in a PDF document.
    Document Properties

    Document properties icon

    Allows you to view document properties like File Name, File Size, Title etc.

    About icon

    Allows you to view the version number of PDF Viewer.

    Features Panel Icons Description
    Thumbnail navigation Thumbnail navigation icon Allows you to see the preview of all available pages in the PDF document.
    Advanced search option Advanced search option icon Allows you to search for text with match-case and whole-word search options.
    Page-level and document-level attachments

    Page-level and document-level attachments icon

    Allows you to view the attachments in the left pane and open the attachments by double-clicking the attachment files.
    Article thread navigation Article thread navigation icon Enables you to navigate with article threads in a PDF document through a separate panel.
    Bookmark navigation Bookmark navigation icon Enables you to list the outlines/bookmarks and navigate to different positions in the document.
    View sidebar options

    View sidebar options icon

    Allows you to view sidebar options with complete names of the options.

    To see demo of DsPdfViewer, visit the DsPdf Sample browser. Here, you can see all the PDF features that are supported and running in the viewer.