Getting Started with ComponentOne Studio WinForms Edition
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    Installing WinForms Edition
    In This Topic

    The topic below discusses the procedure of installing WinForms Edition. In order to install the WinForms Edition, please follow the given steps:

    1. Download the C1ControlPanel from to install the latest edition of WinForms.
    2. Open the ControlPanel using ComponentOneC1ControlPanel.exe. Note that any running instances of Visual Studio must be closed.
    3. An existing user can login using the registered email address and password.
      If you are a new user:
      • Register with Component One and create an account by filling the required fields.
      • A verification mail will be sent to your email address.
      • Visit the activation link to verify your email address.
      If you do not want to login or register, you can proceed as an anonymous user.
    4. In the WinForms Edition tile, select the checkbox and click on the Proceed button. You can also install all editions by selecting the checkbox against All Editions. Click the View More button to know more about the Edition.

      Installation Overview Image

    5. Upon clicking the Proceed button, a page is displayed asking to review the License Agreement. Click the Accept License Agreement button.
    6. After accepting the License Agreement, another page appears with the Settings and directory path change buttons. The Installation Directory contains all the DLLs, Samples Directory contains the samples from ComponentOne and the Download Directory contains the log files. Click on Accept Settings button to confirm the directory path and start the installation process.
      Directory path settings
    7. The installer installs the controls and display its progress as it does so.

      Installation status progress

    8. The installer displays the "Installation Success" screen when the controls are installed. Note that the version currently installed gets displayed in the respective Edition.

      Successfull installation image

    Note: By default, ControlPanel downloads the latest version of an edition. You can select older versions by clicking on the Change/Repair Version button.

    In case you want to uninstall WPF Edition, see Uninstalling WinForms Edition