Getting Started with ComponentOne Studio WinForms Edition
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    WinForms Edition Setup Files
    In This Topic

    The WinForms Edition installation program will create the following directory:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\ComponentOne\WinForms Edition in 64-bit version of Windows.

    C:\Program Files\ComponentOne\WinForms Edition in 32-bit version of Windows.

    This directory contains the following subdirectories:

    bin Contains copies of all ComponentOne binaries (DLLs, EXEs).
    C1Themes Contains Office, Visual Studio, and Windows themes for WinForms Edition products. 
    C1TouchToolKit Contains policy source codes.
    OldReadmes Contains old readme files for WinForms Edition products.
    OnlineHelp Provides access to C1StudioNetHelp.


    Samples for the product are installed in the ComponentOne Samples folder by default. Please refer to the pre-installed product samples through the following path:

    Documents\ComponentOne Samples\WinForms

    The ComponentOne Samples folder contains the following subdirectories:

    Common Contains support and data files that are used by many of the demo programs.
    WinForms Contains samples and tutorials for WinForms Edition controls.