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    Reports for WinForms Overview
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    Reports for WinForms has been obsoleted. We recommend using the FlexReport for WinForms control instead, which is a faster, light-weight and feature-rich reporting tool. If you are an existing customer, we recommend migrating to FlexReport. For more information about migration from C1Report to FlexReport, please refer "Upgrading C1Report to FlexReport". For any further queries, contact our Technical Support team or post on our Forums.


    Reports for WinForms provides all the tools you need to meet your reporting, printing, previewing, and exporting needs. Add Microsoft-Access style database reporting. Create complex hierarchical documents with automatic word index, TOC generation, data binding, and more. Export, print, or preview your reports and documents.


    Generate Microsoft Access-style reports for your Visual Studio applications quickly and easily with Reports for WinForms.

    • The C1Report component, which generates data-based banded reports. Render reports directly to a printer or preview control, or export to various portable formats (including XLS, PDF, HTML, text, and images). The component exposes a rich object model for creating, customizing, loading, and saving report definitions. See Working with C1Report for more information.
    • The C1RdlReport component, a component that represents an RDL (Report Definition Language) report defined using the 2008 version of the RDL specification. The C1RdlReport component is similar to the C1Report component with the addition of RDL support. See Working with C1RdlReport for more information.
    • The C1ReportDesigner designer, a stand-alone application used to create report definitions without writing code. The designer allows you to quickly create and edit report definitions, or to import existing Microsoft Access and Crystal report definitions. The designer mimics the Microsoft Access interface, so, if you currently use Microsoft Access, you will quickly adapt to using C1ReportDesigner. See Working with C1ReportDesigner for more information.
    • The C1ReportDesigner control (not to be confused with the stand-alone designer) which displays reports in design mode, and allows users to drag, copy, and resize report fields and sections. The control also provides an unlimited undo/redo stack and a selection mechanism designed for use with the PropertyGrid control that ships with Visual Studio. You can use the C1ReportDesigner control to incorporate some report design features into your applications, or you can write your own full-fledged report designer application.
    • The C1ReportsScheduler application, a stand-alone application used to schedule report creation to run in the background. Using the C1ReportsScheduler application, you can choose what reports to export or print, formats to export the report to, and the schedule and frequency for creating reports. See Working with C1ReportsScheduler for more information.

    Printing and Previewing

    No matter how simple or complex your printing requirements, Reports for WinForms can help you add printing and previewing capabilities to your project quickly and easily.

    • The C1PrintDocument component provides a rich object model which allows you to create arbitrarily complex documents in code. The object model specifically targets paginated documents, providing a rich set of features facilitating automatic and intelligent pagination of complex structured documents. Documents can be completely created in code, or bound to a database via a powerful and flexible data binding model. C1PrintDocument can also import and generate report definitions. See Working with C1PrintDocument for more information.
    • The C1MultiDocument component is designed to allow creating, persisting, and exporting large documents that cannot be handled by a single C1PrintDocument object due to memory limitations. C1MultiDocument supports links between contained documents, common TOC, common page numeration, and total page count.
    • The Reports for WinForms visual preview components provide a powerful, flexible and easy to use set of tools that let you quickly add document viewing capabilities to your application. The integrated components (the C1PrintPreviewControl control and the C1PrintPreviewDialog dialog box) make adding a professional-looking preview to your applications a snap, while the set of specialized controls (C1PreviewPane, C1PreviewThumbnailView, C1PreviewOutlineView, C1PreviewTextSearchPanel) allow you to fine-tune your preview as much as you need.
    • Report Preview control for WinForms is a new ribbon based preview control that is released as beta version for 2015 v2 release. It provides the multiple document or report viewing functionality from different sources in a single viewer. It has a Ribbon based UI designed as per latest trends with easy to use ribbon elements, groups, sidebars, etc., that eliminates implementation complexities. For more information, see Report Preview Control Overview.
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