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IPdfTag Interface

IPdfTag Interface

Represents an element in the document's logical structure tree.


  • IPdfTag




  • Adds content to the element.


    • child: PdfTagOrContent | PdfTagOrContent[]

      The child element or array of child elements. The following child types are supported:

      • A IPdfTag object to nest within the element.
      • A IPdfTagContent object, a reference to the marked content to associate with the element.
      • A callback function that will be automatically executed when the created element is attached to the document's structure tree. The content created by this function will be marked with the tag specified by the **type** parameter and associated with the element.

    Returns IPdfTag

    The IPdfTag object.


  • end(): void
  • Ends the element and all of its children and flush it to the document.

    Returns void