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PdfWebWorker Class

PdfWebWorker Class

Represents server-side methods for exporting FlexGrid to PDF/generating PDF, for use with Web Worker.


  • PdfWebWorker


Static deserializeGrid

Static initExport

  • initExport(draw: Object): void
  • Performs the PDF document generation started in a UI thread by calling the PdfWebWorkerClient.export method.


    • draw: Object

      The callback function to draw PDF. The function takes two parameters:

      • doc: An instance of the wijmo.pdf.PdfDocument class.
      • clientData: A dictionary of {name: value} pairs that contains the data added on the client side.

    Returns void

Static initExportGrid

  • initExportGrid(): void

Static sendExportProgress

  • sendExportProgress(value: number): void
  • Sends the progress value to a client, where it will be handled by the PdfWebWorkerClient.export's progress callback function. Should be used in conjunction with the PdfWebWorkerClient.export method to inform client about the progress of the export.


    • value: number

      The progress value, in the range of [0.0..1.0].

    Returns void