Spread Windows Forms 16
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In This Topic
    LegacyBehaviors Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Represents options for backward compatibility.
    Public Enum LegacyBehaviors 
       Inherits System.Enum
    Dim instance As LegacyBehaviors
    public enum LegacyBehaviors : System.Enum 
    AllAll behaviors are compatible with previous version.
    AutoRowHeightRow height won't be auto adjusted when cell's value or properties are changed on UI of Spread, all auto fit row height will be treated as custom row height
    CalculationEngineFallbacks to old behaviors of calculation engine.
    KeepFormulaOnSetValueAny attempt to set a value to a cell that contains a formula to fail and instead raise the FpSpread.Error event.
    NoneNew behaviors will be applied automatically in new releases.
    PreferTextOnExportThe cell text will be exported if there is an explicit cell type.
    PropertyDefaultsInitialized values of some properties will be different compared with previous versions.
    ProtectInitialized values of sheetview's Protect and cell's lock will be different compared with previous versions.
    StyleAll style default settings and behaviors will be compatible with previous version.
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