ComponentOne RulesManager for WinForms
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    Rules Manager Overview
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    Highlight important information and improve data interpretation through conditional formatting using RulesManager for WinForms, a control that delivers complete runtime conditional formatting management. The RulesManager control can be attached to any data aware control such as FlexGrid, DataGrid or FlexChart to provide Excel like conditional formatting. It supports highlighting cells using colors, data bars, gradients, and indicators based on rules. In addition, it has an expression parser and formula editor that can evaluate any formula that returns true or false.

    Showcasing multiple rules applied on the grid cells using the Rule Manager control.


    Documentation Blogs

    Create your first application with Rules Manager

    Customize Rules Manager

    Apply Formatting Rules


    Introducing UI-based Rules Manager
    Demo Samples

    WPF and WinForms Demo

    API References
    C1.Win.RulesManager .NET Assembly C1.Win.RulesManager .NET Framework Assembly
    Note: ComponentOne Rules Manager is compatible with both .NET and .NET Framework Editions.