Document Solutions for PDF
In This Topic
    In This Topic

    This section comprises the features available in the DsPdf.

    Work with the document and file attachments in DsPdf.
    Add, get, modify, and delete annotations from a page.
    Work with document properties and merge documents.
    Work with fonts, font collections, and font embedding.
    Create AcroForms and add, modify, and delete form fields.
    Form XObjects
    Work with Form XObjects.
    Add shapes, fill them, and use gradient and transformation on a page.
    Output Intents
    Work with Output Intents and ICC profiles in a PDF document.
    Add images, adjust their scalability and extract images.
    Incremental Update
    Update a document incrementally and sign an already signed PDF.
    Generate linearized PDF.
    Add hyperlinks.
    Add, get, modify, and delete document outlines from a page.
    Insert a page in a PDF, get a particular page, set it's orientation and size, and work with content streams.
    Place multiple elements on a PDF page or image without having to calculate positions of each element relative to other ones.
    Complex Graphic Layouts
    Draw complex graphics, text, and images.
    Create and work with tables easily and straightforwardly without having to think much about the size of table columns, merged cells, or the layout of rotated text.
    Encrypt PDF and set permissions
    Digital Signature
    Add, remove digital signatures and achieve their custom implementation.
    Soft Mask
    Create soft mask in a PDF document.
    Add, modify, and delete stamps.
    Tagged PDF
    Create tagged PDF.
    Parse PDF Documents
    Parse PDF documents by recognizing their logical text and document structure.
    PDF Layers
    Work with PDF layers.
    Work with text along with paragraph handling.
    Text Search
    Perform text search in a PDF document.
    Add watermark.
    Print a PDF document.

    Note: DsPdf library provides the following classes and interfaces in GrapeCity.Documents.Pdf.Spec and GrapeCity.Documents.Pdf.Wrappers namespaces to work directly with the low-level PDF primitives, which are the building blocks of any PDF document:

    • PDF array: PdfArray, PdfArrayObject, IPdfArray, IPdfArrayExt, and PdfArrayWrapper.
    • PDF bool: PdfBool, PdfBoolObject, IPdfBool, and IPdfBoolExt.
    • PDF dictionary: PdfDict, PdfDictObject, IPdfDict, IPdfDictExt, and PdfDictWrapper.
    • PDF name: PdfName, PdfNameObject, IPdfName, and IPdfNameExt.
    • PDF null: PdfNull, PdfNullObject, IPdfNull, and IPdfNullExt.
    • PDF number: PdfNumber, PdfNumberObject, IPdfNumber, and IPdfNumberExt.
    • PDF reference: PdfRef, PdfRefObject, IPdfRef, and IPdfRefExt.
    • PDF stream: PdfStreamObjectBase.
    • PDF string: PdfString, PdfStringObject, IPdfString, and IPdfStringExt.