Getting Started with ComponentOne Studio UWP Edition
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    Creating a Universal Windows Application
    In This Topic

    To create a Universal Windows application in Visual Studio, follow these steps:

    1. From the File menu in Microsoft Visual Studio, select New | Project. The New Project dialog box appears.
    2. Under Installed | Templates in the left pane, select either Visual Basic or Visual C#.
    3. Under the Visual C# or Visual Basic node, expand the Windows node and select Universal. The list of Universal application templates now appear in the center pane.
    4. Select the Blank App (Universal Windows) template.
    5. Enter a Name of the project, set its Location, and click OK. A new Universal Windows application is created at the specified location. The following image shows a list of files created in the new application:

    6. Open MainPage.xaml from the Solution Explorer.
    7. Drag and drop the controls on the Design view and write the xaml markup to design your application.
    8. Add code in the Code view to provide implementation logic to the application.
    9. Press F5 to run the application.