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    Create a Runtime License
    In This Topic

    When applications are built on a properly activated development or build machine, the MESCIUS license file (.gclicx) is automatically generated and embedded in your application.

    In some scenarios, you may need to manually generate this file for an application, such as a user control or class library. A unique runtime license file (.gclicx) must be created for each application name.

    To create a runtime license for an application, follow these steps:

    1. Open the application in Visual Studio that you wish to embed the license.
    2. From the Tools menu, select MESCIUS > MESCIUS License Manager to open the MESCIUS License Manager extension.
    3. Click Create RunTime License.
    4. Select the project that needs the license file.
    5. Click Generate.

    This process will generate the file and add it to your project as an embedded resource.

    Alternatively, you can generate this runtime license by command line.

    On Windows, the generated .gclicx file will be in the gclm folder. Add the generated .gclicx file to your Properties folder of the project, and set its BuildAction to EmbeddedResource.

    To find the list of product ids, see Activation by Command Line.

    To create a runtime license for a user control or class library, see License User Controls.