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    Activation by Command Line
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    MESCIUS licensing requires each developer’s machine and build machine to be licensed. It’s recommended to fully install the ComponentOne product on each machine and activate licenses through the MESCIUS License Manager tool (gclm.exe).

    The MESCIUS License Manager tool is also designed to work by command line. You may activate a license through command line even if you have no ComponentOne products installed.

    Command Line Activation

    If you require command line activation, follow these steps:

    1. Install the MESCIUS License Manager tool (gclm).
      1. If the ComponentOne product (for example, WinForms Edition) is installed, then the gclm tool is already installed at (C:\ProgramData\GrapeCity\gclm)
      2. If no ComponentOne product is installed, you may download the gclm deployment tool:
        1. Windows:
        2. Linux/MacOS: or you may install the gclm tool from command line:
          "dotnet tool install -g GrapeCity.LicenseManagerTool"
    2. Call the gclm tool to activate the license:
      1. Windows: C:\ProgramData\GrapeCity\gclm\gclm.exe "product id" -a "key"
      2. Linux/MacOS: gclm "product-id" -a "key"

    Deactivation by Command Line

    Deactivation can be applied only after a key is activated for a specific product. Use the following command to deactivate a license:

    1. Call the gclm tool to deactivate the license
      1. Windows: C:\ProgramData\GrapeCity\gclm\gclm.exe "product id" -d
      2. Linux/MacOS: gclm "product id" -d

    Product IDs

    Refer to the following product IDs when activating and deactivating by command line.

    Product Name

    Product ID

    ComponentOne Studio Enterprise


    ComponentOne WinForms Edition


    ComponentOne WPF Edition


    ComponentOne ASP.NET MVC Edition


    ComponentOne Blazor Edition


    ComponentOne UWP Edition


    ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin


    ComponentOne Xamarin.iOS Edition


    ComponentOne Xamarin.Android Edition


    Licensing Old Products by Command Line

    The MESCIUS License Manager tool (gclm) was introduced in the 2020 v2 release (July 29th, 2020). If you are working with older versions of ComponentOne controls, you will need to activate keys using the legacy C1LicenseActivation.exe tool.

    If activating a 2020 v2 or later key, run the activate the license using gclm following the steps above, and then run the following command for C1LicenseActivation.

    C:\ProgramData\GrapeCity\gclm\C1LicenseActivation.exe /gcdetect

    This will generate "old" licenses from the newly installed gclm licenses and do so silently. This is the same as running the C1LicenceActivation UI tool as described in the Licensing old versions of controls using new serial keys topic.

    This will give you access to both new and old products. If a product honors a new key, it will use it. If not, the old key will be honored.

    If activating a 2020 v1 or earlier key, you must activate it using C1LicenseActivation.exe. The following command will silently activate a key.

    C:\ProgramData\GrapeCity\gclm\C1LicenseActivation.exe /as:sn /u:username /c:company