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Events in FlexChart

The FlexChart provides events you can use to customize the appearance and behavior of the chart.

These events can be divided into categories:

  • Mouse: The FlexChart relies on HTML events for mouse handling, and provides a hitTest method that can be used to determine which part of the chart the event refers to. Mouse events can be used to add functionality such as zooming or drill-down. For more details, see Hit-Testing.
  • Selection: When the chart's selectionMode property is set to Series or Point, the chart will allow users select elements by clicking on them. The chart's selection property will be updated and the selectionChanged event will be fired. This event is typically used in master/detail scenarios. For more details, see Selection.
  • Rendering: The FlexChart has rendering and rendered events that allow you do add custom elements to the chart, either in the background or as overlays. For more details, see Render Cycle.