wijmo.input Enumeration DateSelectionMode Wijmo API Enumeration

DateSelectionMode Enumeration

Specifies constants that define the date selection behavior.

Enumeration members

Enumeration members


Day: = 1

The user can select days.


Month: = 2

The user can select months.


None: = 0

The user cannot change the current value using the mouse or keyboard.


Range: = 3

The user can select ranges.

Ranges are defined by the {@link value} and rangeEnd) properties.

To select a date range with the mouse, the user should click the starting date ({@link value} property) and then the ending date (rangeEnd property.

To select a date range with the keyobard, the user should use the cursor keys to select the starting date, then press the shift key and extend the selection to select the ending date.