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    Gauges Overview
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    Gauges for WPF is a suite of data visualization controls such as Linear Gauge, Radial Gauge and BulletGraph that helps to create interactive dashboards. The suite of Gauge controls can be used to showcase several data points or range of data points in a well-defined and compact area. The controls can be used to showcase a definite range to let users determine instantly whether the current value is low, high, or intermediate.

    All the three controls, Radial Gauge, Linear Gauge and BulletGraph come with a simple and clean design to enhance your data visualizations.

    Different types of gauges

    The following section provides a brief introduction to the three Gauge controls:

    Documentation Blogs

    Create Your First Application using Gauges

    Working with Gauges

    Different type of values used in Gauges

    Appearance and Styling in Gauges

    Animated Gauges for XAML
    Product Samples

    Product samples are located at Documents\ComponentOne Samples\WPF\vx.x\CS\Gauge on your system, if you have installed the samples while installing WPF Edition using ComponentOneControlPanel.exe.

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