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C1.PrintDocument.4.5.2 Assembly / C1.C1Preview.Scripting Namespace / ScriptingOptions Class

In This Topic
    ScriptingOptions Class
    In This Topic
    Represents the various options controlling scripts and expressions used in a C1.C1Preview.C1PrintDocument, and specified by the C1.C1Preview.C1PrintDocument.ScriptingOptions property.
    Object Model
    ScriptingOptions Class
    Public Class ScriptingOptions 
    public class ScriptingOptions 
    Scripts and expressions can be used in various contexts in a C1.C1Preview.C1PrintDocument. While the scripting language and the set of available assemblies and namespaces for all those scripts and expressions are defined by the properties of the document's C1.C1Preview.C1PrintDocument.ScriptingOptions, the sets of built-in variable identifiers available to a script or expression depend on the context in which it is defined.

    The following tables list the possible contexts, and the identifiers that can be used in scripts and expressions to access context-dependent document data:

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