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    Visualize Transformed Data
    In This Topic

    You can use grids and charts to visualize queries results in the DataEngine Workbench. The application enables users to customize the Base Table and Query data using the Base Table and Query data tiles. It allows users to visualize Base Table or Query result sets with a variety of chart components. Further, users also get an option to remove undesired base table or query result sets from existing C1DataEngine workspaces.

    Customize Base Table Data

    The user can move the cursor over the tile to see buttons located on the top right corner of the Base Table data tile.

    button grid basetable

    The functions of these buttons are explained below:

    Customize Query Result Data

    The user can also customize the Query data tile in the same manner as the Base Table data.

    The image depicts Query result set in Edit mode using the Tree Map control.

    Query result