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    DataEngine Overview
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    For empowering data-driven decision making, it is essential to extract relevant information from large and complex datasets. The DataEngine library is equipped with out-of-the-box business intelligence capabilities that accelerate data analysis and exploration. The library offers fast data churning by employing optimization techniques like column-oriented and memory-mapped file techniques.

    DataEngine helps you to obtain data from multiple sources and transform it as per your business requirements. Transforming in a broader sense can be filtering, sorting, aggregating, joining etc. The DataEngine library can load this transformed data into a visualization tool to obtain quick data insights, which can further be used to predict business outcomes.

    DataEngine for .NET Standard fetches and queries millions of records in a subsecond. The DataEngine library combines data from multiple data sources including SQL database, JSON files, CSV files and collection of business objects, and provides immediate analytics within your application.