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wjFlexChartWaterfall Class

wjFlexChartWaterfall Class

KnockoutJS binding for the Waterfall object.

Use the wjFlexChartWaterfall binding to add Waterfall object to your KnockoutJS applications. For example:

<p>Here is a Waterfall:</p>
<div data-bind="wjFlexChart: { itemsSource: trendItemsSource,  binding:'value',bindingX: 'name' }">
    <div data-bind="wjFlexChartWaterfall: {  relativeData:true, connectorLines: true, start:1000,showIntermediateTotal: true,
                      intermediateTotalPositions: [3, 6, 9, 12], intermediateTotalLabels: ['Q1', 'Q2', 'Q3', 'Q4'],name:'Increase,Decrease,Total'}"></div>

The wjFlexChartWaterfall binding supports all read-write properties and events of the Waterfall class.


  • WjSeriesBase
    • wjFlexChartWaterfall