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WjItemTemplate Class

WjItemTemplate Class

AngularJS directive for ListBox and Menu item templates.

The wj-item-template directive must be contained in a wijmo.angular.input.WjListBox or wijmo.angular.input.WjMenu directives.

The wj-item-template directive defines a template for items of ListBox and data-bound Menu controls. The template may contain an arbitrary HTML fragment with AngularJS bindings and directives. In addition to any properties available in a controller, the local $item, $itemIndex and $control template variables can be used in AngularJS bindings that refer to the data item, its index, and the owner control.

Note that directive and parameter names must be formatted as lower-case with dashes instead of camel-case. For example:

<p>Here is a ListBox control with an item template:</p>
<wj-list-box items-source="musicians">
        {​{$itemIndex}}. <b>{​{$item.name}}</b>
        <br />
        <img ng-src="{​{$item.photo}}"/>


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