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WjContextMenu Class

WjContextMenu Class

AngularJS directive for context menus.

Use the wj-context-menu directive to add context menus to elements on the page. The wj-context-menu directive is based on the wj-menu directive; it displays a popup menu when the user performs a context menu request on an element (usually a right-click).

The wj-context-menu directive is specified as a parameter added to the element that the context menu applies to. The parameter value is a CSS selector for the element that contains the menu. For example:

<!-- paragraph with a context menu -->
<p wj-context-menu="#idMenu" >
 This paragraph has a context menu.</p>

<!-- define the context menu (hidden and with an id) -->
<wj-menu id="idMenu" ng-show="false">
 <wj-menu-item cmd="cmdOpen" cmd-param ="1">Open...</wj-menu-item>
 <wj-menu-item cmd="cmdSave" cmd-param="2">Save </wj-menu-item>
 <wj-menu-item cmd="cmdSave" cmd-param="3">Save As...</wj-menu-item>
 <wj-menu-item cmd="cmdNew" cmd-param ="4">New...</wj-menu-item>
 <wj-menu-item cmd="cmdExit" cmd-param="5">Exit</wj-menu-item>
</wj-menu >


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