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WjFlexChartLegend Class

WjFlexChartLegend Class

Angular 2 component for the wijmo.chart.Legend class.

The wj-flex-chart-legend component must be contained in one of the following components: wijmo.angular2.chart.WjFlexChart , wijmo.angular2.chart.WjFlexPie , wijmo.angular2.chart.finance.WjFinancialChart , wijmo.angular2.chart.radar.WjFlexRadar , wijmo.angular2.chart.hierarchical.WjSunburst or wijmo.angular2.chart.map.WjFlexMap.

Use the wj-flex-chart-legend component to add Legend controls to your Angular 2 applications. For details about Angular 2 markup syntax, see Angular 2 Markup.

The WjFlexChartLegend component is derived from the Legend class and inherits all its properties, events and methods.




initialized: EventEmitter<any>

This event is triggered after the component has been initialized by Angular, that is all bound properties have been assigned and child components (if any) have been initialized.


isInitialized: boolean

Indicates whether the component has been initialized by Angular. Changes its value from false to true right before triggering the initialized event.


maxSize: number | string

Gets or sets the maximum legend size (width for left or right position and height for top or bottom position). The size can be specified in pixels: maxSize = '100px' or percents: maxSize = '50%'.


orientation: Orientation

Gets or sets a value that determines the orientation of the legend.


position: Position

Gets or sets a value that determines whether and where the legend appears in relation to the plot area.


scrollbar: boolean

Gets or sets a value that determines whether the scrollbar should be used for a long legend.

The default value for this property is false.


title: string

Gets or sets a value that determines the title of the legend.


titleAlign: string

Gets or sets a value that determines the align value of the legend. The value should be 'left', 'center' or 'right'.


wjProperty: string

Gets or sets a name of a property that this component is assigned to. Default value is 'legend'.



  • created(): void
  • If you create a custom component inherited from a Wijmo component, you can override this method and perform necessary initializations that you usually do in a class constructor. This method is called in the last line of a Wijmo component constructor and allows you to not declare your custom component's constructor at all, thus preventing you from a necessity to maintain constructor parameters and keep them in synch with Wijmo component's constructor parameters.

    Returns void