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    Understanding Structured References
    In This Topic

    Spread supports structured reference formulas in tables. Components of the structured reference include the table name, the column specifier, the special item specifier, and the table specifier.

    A table name is the name assigned to the table. The name references the table data, but not the header and totals rows, if any.

    A column specifier is derived from the column header and references the column data (excluding the column header and total, if any). A special item specifier is a way to refer to specific portions of the table, such as the Totals row.

    The table specifier is the outer portion of the structured reference. The specifiers follow the table name, and are enclosed in square brackets. A structured reference is the entire string beginning with the table name and ending with the column specifier.

    Specifiers are enclosed in brackets.

    Structure of Table Specifier

    The following topics provide additional information about structured references in tables.

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