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    Document Solutions for PDF Overview
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    Document Solutions is a cross-platform solution for document management which provides a near universal document, editor and viewer solution for all popular document formats.

    Document Solutions for PDF (DsPdf, previously GcPdf), is a part of Document Solutions that handles majority of the PDF related needs as it conforms to a large part of Adobe PDF specification 1.7. The extensive library supported on .NET Standard 2.0, can be used to read, create, modify and save PDF files without using any external tool like Adobe Acrobat. It offers a rich feature set that allows developers to create PDF files with advanced font support and features, images, graphics, barcode, annotations, outlines, stamps, watermark and more. It also allows the developers to make changes at the document level; for example, working with document properties, page size, orientation, security and signatures, file compression, generating linearized PDF document are few to mention. Moreover, all these features are fully supported on Windows, Linux, and MAC systems.

    In addition, DsPdf provides full text support in .NET Standard 2.0, despite the fact that major classes related to text and image are missing in .NET Core. This makes it a cross-platform solution for many developers looking for a PDF library to generate PDF files for multi-device applications.

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