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    C1.Xamarin.Forms.Input Namespace
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    ClassEvent information for C1AutoComplete.Filtering event.
    ClassThe auto-complete control is an editable input control that shows completion suggestions automatically while the user is typing. The list of suggestions is displayed in a drop down menu from which the user.
    ClassC1ComboBox is an extension of DropDown that contains an editable textbox in the header and a listview in the drop-down.
    ClassC1DropDown provides a generic drop-down control with a Header property that determines what the user sees when the drop-down part of the control is closed, and a Content property that determines what goes into the drop-down section.
    ClassMasked editor provides a way to govern what a user is allowed to input. The control prevents users from accidentally entering invalid data and saves time by skipping over literals (such as slashes in dates) as the user types.
    ClassRepresents a control that can be used to display and edit plain text,
    ClassEvent information for C1ComboBox.ItemLoading event.
    ClassOccurs when the user finalizes the text in an entry with the return key.
    ClassEvent information for C1DropDown.DropDownOpenChanged event.
    ClassEvent information for C1DropDown.DropDownOpenChanging event.
    ClassContains information about the C1TextBox.AutoComplete.
    ClassEvent information for C1ComboBox.TextChanged event.
    EnumerationSpecifies how to filter items of autocomplete.
    EnumerationDropDown interaction behavior.
    EnumerationDropDown display mode.
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