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C1.Xamarin.Forms.Calendar Assembly / C1.Xamarin.Forms.Calendar Namespace
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    C1.Xamarin.Forms.Calendar Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassRepresents a month calendar with the ability to interactively navigate through months and select a specific System.DateTime value or a range of dates.
    ClassEvent data for C1Calendar.DayOfWeekSlotLoading event.
    ClassEvent data for C1Calendar.DaySlotLoading event.
    ClassProvides event data for C1Calendar.HeaderLoading event.
    ClassEvent information for C1Calendar.MonthSlotLoading event.
    ClassEvent information for C1Calendar.SelectionChanged event.
    ClassEvent data for C1Calendar.SelectionChanging event.
    ClassSettings of the animation performed when the current view changes.
    ClassEvent information for C1Calendar.YearSlotLoading event.
    EnumerationSpecifies constants that define the navigation orientation
    EnumerationSpecifies the kind of calendar displayed
    EnumerationSpecifies constants that define the different views.
    EnumerationRepresent the different kinds of animations when changing C1Calendar.ViewMode.
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