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    WPF RichTextBox Overview
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    WPF RichTextBox is the most complete rich text editor available for WPF. Load, edit, and save formatted text as HTML or RTF documents. The C1RichTextBox control provides rich formatting, automatic line wrapping, HTML and RTF import/export, table support, images, annotations, and more.

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    Create Your First Application using RichTextBox

    Working with WPF RichTextBox

    Working with C1RichTextBox Toolbar

    Working with C1SimplifiedRichTextBox Toolbar

    Working with RichTextBox Ribbon

    Product samples are located at Documents\ComponentOne Samples\WPF\vx.x\CS\RichTextBox or Documents\ComponentOne Samples\WPF\vx.x.x\C1.WPF.RichTextBox\CS\ on your system, if you have installed the samples while installing WPF Edition using ComponentOneControlPanel.exe.

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    API References
    C1.WPF.RichTextBox .Net Framework Assembly C1.WPF.RichTextBox .Net Assembly
    Note: ComponentOne RichTextBox control is compatible with both .NET and .NET Framework editions.