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    Hierarchical information and data are useful in varied walks of life and setups, be it family tree, programming, organization structure, or directories. Visualizing such data and spotting information in them is a difficult task, especially if the data is huge. Treemap charts enable visualization of hierarchical data as nested rectangles on a limited space. They are useful in having a quick glimpse of patterns in large data and in comparing proportions.

    The TreeMap chart control supports binding to data to show hierarchy, and allows user to drill down the data further to numerous levels for detailed analysis. The C1TreeMap control can be customized to display data in horizontal, vertical, and squarified layouts of constituting rectangles.

    Both TreeMap and Sunburst charts are ideal for displaying and visualizing hierarchical data, but treemap is preferred when space is a constraint as it can show humongous data in a limited area.

    WPF TreeMap Chart

    The following topics help you get accustomed with the TreeMap control, and explore its advanced capabilities.

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