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    Easily integrate completely customized Microsoft Office style scheduling functionality into your applications with Scheduler for WinForms. Now you can build intuitive, polished-looking scheduling applications with ease using Scheduler for WinForms' built-in visual styles, data views, and appointment labels. With additional options like drag-and-drop support, customizable dialog boxes, and easy localization, designing a scheduling application to meet the needs of your end-users has never been easier.

    Scheduler for WinForms includes two visual controls, Schedule and Calendar, and a data component, C1ScheduleStorage. C1Schedule is a fully functional Outlook-style schedule that allows users to add, edit, and manage their appointments easily. C1Calendar is a calendar control that enables users to select the current date or the date range to display appointment data in the C1Schedule control. And C1ScheduleStorage, created automatically by the C1Schedule control, handles all the behind the scenes data operations.

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    Note: ComponentOne Scheduler for WinForms is compatible with both .NET and .NET framework.
    API References
    C1.Win.Scheduler .NET Assembly C1.Win.Scheduler .NET Framework Assembly