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In This Topic
    ChartType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the chart type.
    Public Enum ChartType 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum ChartType : System.Enum 
    AreaShows line chart with the area below the line filled with color.
    BarShows horizontal bars.
    BubbleShows Scatter chart with a third data value that determines the size of the symbol.
    CandlestickPresents items with high, low, open, and close values. The size of the wick line is determined by the High and Low values, while the size of the bar is determined by the Open and Close values. The bar is displayed using different colors, depending on whether the close value is higher or lower than the open value.
    ColumnShows vertical bars.
    FunnelDisplays funnel chart.
    HighLowOpenCloseDisplays the same information as a candlestick chart, except that opening values are displayed using lines to the left, while lines to the right indicate closing values.
    HistogramDisplays histogram chart.
    LineShows trends over a period of time or across categories.
    LineSymbolsShows line chart with a symbol on each data point.
    RangedHistogramDisplays a ranged histogram chart.
    ScatterShows patterns within the data using X and Y coordinates.
    SplineDisplays line chart that plots curves rather than angled lines through the data points.
    SplineAreaDisplays spline chart with the area below the line filled with color.
    SplineSymbolsDisplays spline chart with symbols on each data point.
    StepStep chart.
    StepAreaStep area chart.
    StepSymbolsStep chart with symbols.
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