Wijmo Tooltips

Tooltips are provided in Wijmo core. They are not controls, but popups containing HTML that appear when the mouse hovers over designated elements.

You can associate a tooltip with one or more elements on the page using the Tooltip.setTooltip method. The example demonstrates adding a tooltip to a few popular Wijmo controls:

import * as wijmo from '@grapecity/wijmo';

let tt = new wijmo.Tooltip();

tt.setTooltip('#menu', 'Select commands.');
tt.setTooltip('#tree', 'Explore the hierarchy.');
tt.setTooltip('#chart', '#idChartTooltip');

If you are using Angular, then you can set a tooltip declaratively using the wjTooltip directive:

<div [wjTooltip]="'Select commands.'"></div>
<div [wjTooltip]="'#idChartTooltip'"></div>